#NoSleepTonight: 23 Things Only People With Insomnia Will Understand


Not being able to fall asleep at night when you know you have to be up at the crack of dawn is one of the worst feelings in the world (no, that is not an exaggeration). It’s frustrating, since it’s basically out of your control because you know that if you could be sleeping, you would be.

Life would be a whole lot simpler if our brains came equipped with an on/off switch, wouldn’t it? For some reason, when the clock strikes 12, every decision you have ever made in your life pops into your head.

Instead of sleeping, you filter through these thoughts and memories, and before you know it, it’s 4 am and you’ve accepted another sleepless night.

Well, that’s not the worst of it. Here are more of the struggles insomniacs face on the reg:

1. Never being able to fall asleep when you want to


If I fall asleep by 10:30, I can get a full nine hours of sleep! Chances of that actually happening? Slim to none.

2. If you are lucky enough to actually fall asleep, you can’t stay asleep


You may get a good three-hour stretch once you actually fall asleep, but the next thing you know, it’s 4 am and you’re wide awake, ready for another lethargic day at the office.

3. Feeling tired no matter how long you actually slept


Do people ask you if you have chronic fatigue? Can you even remember the last time you got an actual good night’s sleep?

4. Waking up before the alarm clock and never falling back asleep


You think you finally succeeded in getting a full night’s sleep because you have woken up feeling somewhat refreshed. Well, that’s before you check the time on your phone, which regretfully tells you it’s 6:08 am. Back to bed? Yeah, good luck with that.

5.  You are all too familiar with Unisom, Advil PM and Ambien


You have tried every pill out there. Advil PM gives you bad dreams, Ambien makes you hallucinate and Unisom only works if you get nine or more hours of sleep.

If you plan on taking any kind of sleeping aide, you better make sure you have ample time to rest, or you risk spending the next day in a groggy fog.

6. WTF is a nap?


No! You can’t take a nap because you will never be able to fall asleep come the evening. If you even sleep for 15 minutes during the day, you risk ruining your future sleep. I mean, this is just science!

7. Someone in your life has told you to stop hanging out in your bed


After a long day at the office, the only thing you want to do is crawl back into your sacred resting place. But, as everyone will tell you, the more time you spend in your bed (when not trying to sleep), the more you trick your body into staying awake.

8. Your bedroom must be completely pitch black at night


The only way you can even attempt to sleep is in total darkness.

9. Despite being told not to watch TV before bed, that’s a sacrifice you’re just not willing to make


I would read a book if I weren’t too tired from reading Excel spreadsheets all day. The only thing I want to do before bed is spoon Netflix and watch marathons of a television show I’ve already seen three times.

10. You are either irritable in the morning or tired; there is no in between


You’re never in a good mood in the morning, and honestly, why would you be? You had a sh*tty night’s sleep and the last thing you want to be doing is heading into an office. No one has ever had a productive day that began with waking up on the wrong side of the bed.

11. Anything and everything will wake you up


Your radiator starts acting up? Bam, you’re awake. A car alarm goes off 20 blocks from your apartment? Doesn’t matter, you’re awake. Knock your laptop off your bed? You’re most definitely awake.

12. You spend ample amounts of time, lying in silence and staring at the ceiling


You try to resist the urge to watch television before bed, but this plan doesn’t really seem to be working, either. You lie and lie while drowning yourself in your own thoughts, wishing there were someway you could actually fall asleep.

13. You can’t drink coffee after 12 pm


I know I am. Actually, you probably should just give up on caffeine altogether. There’s no way these stimulants can be good for someone with sleeping issues.

14. You try to sedate yourself with whatever means necessary


Whether it’s weed or wine, you have no shame trying any method to put you to sleep. In college, you probably didn’t notice how bad your insomnia was, since you were likely going out most nights, getting drunk and thus, sleeping through the night.

Now, the struggle is real and you feel every ounce of pain.

15. You want to scream at people who simply tell you to reduce your stress


“Oh, well thank you for your wise words. I couldn’t have come up on that one on my own. Please tell me how easy that is for you to do that. No, go on, I’m listening…”

16. You have trouble finding the perfect sleeping position


Nothing is comfortable because nothing is putting you to sleep. You try to arrange yourself perfectly with your pillows, but alas, that has also failed you. Try sleeping on your stomach and see how that works out.

17. Thinking you’ll actually get up extra early for the gym


HA! Yeah right. I don’t even know why you would think this was a possibility for you. Chances are you tossed and turned all night and as soon as your alarm went off around 5:30 am, you knew there was only one option: the snooze button.

18. Calculating the hours of sleep you’ll get if you fall asleep RIGHT NOW


You know this never works well, but for some reason, we do it anyway.

19. You’ve basically convinced yourself that you don’t even need sleep


Maybe I wasn’t made to sleep. I mean, that’s basically what my body has been telling me. Maybe I should accept the fact that I will never endure a full night’s sleep and just pursue the life of a vampire.

20. “I’ll wake up in 10 more minutes…”


No you won’t. You’ll wake up in 20 and you’ll be late for work. Five minutes is the max you can allow yourself before you completely disappear into the blanket abyss.

21. When your friends can’t get in touch with you before 1 pm, they assume you’re dead


Your friends all know you as the girl they can call at 9 am to vent about their antics from the previous night. You’re always the first awake so this should come as no surprise.

But there will be that one day you actually are able to sleep past 10 am, sending your friends into a panic.

22. Am I hungry or just tired?


Who cares, Seamless is available 24/7. Just say yes to your cravings.

23. Finally thinking you could fall asleep but you have to pee


This is the absolutely, positively, the worst feeling ever.

Top Photo Credit: Shutterstock

#NoSleepTonight: 23 Things Only People With Insomnia Will Understand

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Kanye West Probably Went On A Rant At His Own Wedding That Sounded Like This (Video)

Screen Shot 2014-06-19 at 4.46.50 PM

It’s no secret that Kanye West loves hearing his own voice. In fact, I’m not sure there’s anything about Kanye West that Kanye West doesn’t love. That’s just the kind of guy he is.

According to various media reports, Kanye West also loves Kim Kardashian, which I assume is why the duo decided to get married in Italy a few weeks ago.

While there are no shortage of photos from the festivities (including  my personal favorite: Jaden Smith dressed as albino Batman), the only people who actually saw the ceremony were the ones who were rich enough to get invited.

Parody Pie tried to envision what the duo’s wedding vows might have sounded like, and while I can’t verify the authenticity of the words exchanged, I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Kanye delivered a seemingly endless diatribe before finally saying “I Do.” I honestly wouldn’t want it any other way.

Also, if the guy in this video ends up playing Kanye in another parody, he should probably try to figure out how to incorporate the word “fam” a few more times. This video was kind of lacking in that respect.

Kanye West Probably Went On A Rant At His Own Wedding That Sounded Like This (Video)

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Mike Tyson Didn’t Understand The Ending Of The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Finale

mike tyson -elite daily

People have accused Mike Tyson of a lot of things, but being bright is not one of those things. Tyson went on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and proved exactly why he should stick to beating people to a bloody pulp and stop trying to be a public figure or an actor or whatever it is he’s trying to do.

Kimmel asked Tyson about the “Game of Thrones” finale, and Tyson didn’t seem to understand it at all. He said that he didn’t feel as if anything had happened in the end of the episode, which, of course, is completely untrue. It was the most jam-packed final 15 minutes of a TV show I have ever seen.

What’s more, Tyson didn’t realize that there were going to be any more episodes of “GoT.” I guess that explains why he was so disappointed by the ending, but, come on, have some f*cking awareness.

But, I guess I can’t be too hard on the guy. I mean; he made a living getting punched in the head repeatedly. I just wish he would stick to doing that.

Mike Tyson Didn’t Understand The Ending Of The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Finale

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New York Legislators And Gov. Cuomo Come To Terms To Legalize Medical Marijuana

Annual Columbus Day Parade Marches Down New york's Fifth Avenue

New York legislators have reached an agreement on an experimental program providing medical marijuana to patients with an array of serious illnesses.

According to The New York Times, the deal comes after days of arguing between lawmakers and Governor Andrew Cuomo, who originally wanted a much more limited program that only allowed the most desperate patients on the verge of death to be permitted marijuana.

That proposal was deemed too unfair because it would deny weed to thousands of people with torturously painful ailments, but Cuomo wouldn’t settle unless legislators complied with his demand to prohibit the activity of actually smoking weed.

Patients will only be able eat, drink or inhale cannabis through a vaporizer. Cuomo can also suspend the program at any time.

He said in a conference,

Medical marijuana has the potential to do a lot of good for a lot of people. Some of these cases are some of the most heart-wrenching you’ve ever heard, dealing with children.

Should the pending legislation pass, New York will become the 23 state to legalize medical weed and the second largest to do so, behind California.

The program allows doctors to prescribe weed for epilepsy, multiple scleroses, Lou Gehrig’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, cancer, HIV/AIDS, and various other similarly debilitating conditions, hopefully including post-traumatic stress disorder.

That list will grow as scientific trials continue to prove that more and more diseases are significantly alleviated by weed.

The bill was created largely by Senator Diane Savino, a Staten Island Democrat, and Manhattan Democrat Richard Gottfried, who has campaigned for medical legalization for nearly 20 years.

The State Health Department will have 18 months to create more expansive regulations regarding where medical marijuana can be purchased in addition to age and quantity restrictions.

That second program will last for seven years, and will most likely be reauthorized after New York starts raking in tax revenue that dwarfs Colorado’s marijuana profits.

The start date of the pilot program has yet to be revealed, but the weed will be available at a select few state hospitals.

via New York Times, Photo Credit: Getty Images 

New York Legislators And Gov. Cuomo Come To Terms To Legalize Medical Marijuana

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Robin Van Persie’s 93-Year-Old Grandfather Imitated His Epic Header Goal (Photo)


When Robin van Persie scored a diving header in the Netherlands’ first match of the World Cup, he set off a social media sensation.

The strike that marked the beginning of the end for Spain also marked the first time that World Cup fans truly got a chance to put their Photoshop skills to use, with tweeters reimagining van Persie as everything from Flappy Bird to a WWE wrestler.

@KICKTV flying dutchman

— christian (@christivn_) June 13, 2014

The Dutch striker also inspired the art of #VanPersieing, which imitates the infamous goal. Everyone seems to be getting into it, even van Persie’s own family. Dutch news organization Omroep Brabant tweeted out a picture of Wim Ram, RVP’s 93-year-old grandfather, getting into the act.

Van Persie’s 93-year old grandad goes #Persieing!

— Omroep Brabant (@omroepbrabant) June 18, 2014

Ras even talked to Omroep Braban about the goal:

I thought it was a great landing. A belly landing, is not always fun, huh? I used to do gymnastics and I know what it is like, but in gymnastic those moves are planned and intended.

Ras, of course, said he was happy to see his grandson score, and was likely to be celebrating yesterday when van Persie scored again to help the Dutch to another win.

H/T: Yahoo Sports, Photos Courtesy: Twitter

Robin Van Persie’s 93-Year-Old Grandfather Imitated His Epic Header Goal (Photo)

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Ben & Jerry’s Will Create ‘Saturday Night Live’-Inspired Ice Cream Flavors (Photos)

As if the ice cream wasn’t already delicious enough, Ben & Jerry’s is adding two more equally delicious flavors to the lineup. The best part? They’re both inspired by “Saturday Night Live”!

In honor of the show’s 40th anniversary, the ice cream company will make a flavor called Lazy Sunday, and a flavor called Gilly’s Catastrophic Crunch. Whenever you decide to give Cherry Garcia a break, feel free to venture off to these two new flavors.

According to Huffington Post, Lazy Sunday, which is inspired by the “SNL” skit featuring Andy Samberg and Chris Parnell, consists of vanilla cake batter ice cream, chocolate and yellow cupcake pieces, and chocolate frosting swirls.

In case you’re wondering where that inspiration came from, throughout the skit, Sandberg and Parnell express their deep love for Magnolia cupcakes. Yum!

As for the second flavor, Gilly’s Catastrophic Crunch, you’ll be indulging in chocolate ice cream, sweet cream ice cream, caramel clusters, chocolate fudge, crunchy almonds and marshmallow swirls. If you’re not sold on either of these flavors, something’s clearly wrong with your tastebuds!

Looking to get your hands on a cup of these new flavors? As of June 19, they’ll be available at Ben & Jerry’s ice cream shops throughout the country, as well as Canada.

Lazy Sunday (left) and Gilly’s Catastrophic Crunch (right).

H/T: Huffington Post, Photos Courtesy: Alison Spiegel, Top Photo Courtesy: Ben & Jerry’s

Ben & Jerry’s Will Create ‘Saturday Night Live’-Inspired Ice Cream Flavors (Photos)

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The Amount Of Money Americans Are Spending Every Second Is Scary And This Proves It

Spend, spend, spend — that’s all we do. The real question is: How much are we really spending?! I mean, think about all of the constant splurging going on at any point in time during the year.

Think about the constant need to have the latest gear and devices. Or those expensive dinners and drunk cab rides back to your apartment — all of that stuff adds up.

Even the donut and coffee you grab religiously every morning costs you. Luckily, there’s a website called Retale that’ll give us a detailed rundown of exactly what Americans are spending money on every second. Forget about quarterly reports!

Check out the infographic below for a closer look at America’s spending problem.

H/T: Time, Top Photo Courtesy: Gallery Hip

The Amount Of Money Americans Are Spending Every Second Is Scary And This Proves It

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Of Course, Japan Has Found A Way To Make An Olympic Games Based On Sex Lube (Video)


Mud wrestling is just about how far we’ll go in terms of slippery sport variations in this country.

In Japan, however, lots of people are much more curious as to how the experience of physical activity changes when the players and equipment are completely doused in lube.

The Sex Lube Grand Athlete Meet took place in Tokyo last weekend, and it featured a series of competitive events made all the more fun because the participants were so slippery they could barely stand.

According to the Huffington Post, more than 100 people covered themselves in lube to engage in lubed-up wrestling, relay races, tug of war and even curling.

The event was held at a warehouse designed for wrestling events. It cost the equivalent of about $100 to compete while audience members paid $30 to watch competitors slide and fall all over each other.

Nudity was prohibited, but there didn’t seem to be any restrictions in terms of what participants could wear, as some wore ass-less chaps and just boxer briefs.

As you can see in these clips, the skill level in each event is pretty high so we advise you to start training for the next Lube Olympics on July 5 and 6 at Langunasia resort park.

H/T: Huffington Post

Of Course, Japan Has Found A Way To Make An Olympic Games Based On Sex Lube (Video)

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The CIA Once Made An Bin Laden Action Figure That Became A Demon To Keep Kids From Following Him


When the face of the worst threat to American prosperity was first shown to the public shortly after 9/11, it’s safe to say that Osama bin Laden didn’t really look the part.

Americans associated his beard and clothing with the homeless. For the average Middle Easterner, he just looked like any other guy.

Unconventional methods of propaganda were required to convince the world, mainly children, that this sandal-wearing pile of dirt was truly the devil in disguise.

According to The Washington Post, the CIA chose to accomplish this by crafting an Osama bin Laden action figure in 2005 with a face that easily peeled off to reveal green-eyes, red skin and a pattern of black stripes strikingly similar to Darth Maul of “Star Wars.”

The point was to scare children into believing that bin Laden was indeed a demon who needed to be destroyed in the hopes that, when the kids were scared, the parents would lend their undying support to the war on terror.

The project was code-named Devil Eyes, and the toys were produced by Donald Levine, a former executive at Hasbro who created the G.I. Joe action figures.

Levine had done business in China for nearly 60 years, where the bin Laden toys were secretly developed and distributed.

How many of the figures were made as well as when exactly the project was cut remain unknown, but one source familiar with the manufacturing in China said hundreds of the figures were sent to the Pakistani city of Karachi in 2006.

CIA spokesman Ryan Trapani told the Post, however, that the project was canceled after just a few prototypes were made.

To our knowledge, there were only three individual action figures ever created, and these were merely to show what a final product might look like. After being presented with these examples, the CIA declined to pursue this idea and did not produce or distribute any of these action figures. Furthermore, CIA has no knowledge of these action figures being produced or distributed by others.

Levine passed away from cancer last May but his family confirmed his involvement in the Devil Eyes project with a short statement, saying:

Don Levine was a dedicated Patriot, and proud Korean War veteran. When called on, he was honored to assist our country.

The famed toy maker was said to have approved of the prototypes, one of which is stored at the CIA headquarters today.

CIA considered plan to demonize bin Laden by giving kids these dolls that hid demon face

— Washington Post (@washingtonpost) June 19, 2014

via Washington Post, Photo Courtesy: Twitter

The CIA Once Made An Bin Laden Action Figure That Became A Demon To Keep Kids From Following Him

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Guy Proves You Don’t Need To Say A Word To Pick Up Girls In A Lamborghini (Video)


It’s really easy to watch this video and judge anyone who gets in the car for being shallow, but I’m pretty sure if a random guy pulled up next to me in a Lambo and motioned for me to get in I’d hop in without giving it a second thought.

I know that when you’re a kid you’re taught never to get into a car with strangers, but normally that car is a windowless van or a rusty Oldsmobile driven by a really creepy looking dude.

Once luxury cars come into play, all bets are off. You might end up murdered but at least you got to ride in a Lamborghini.

Also, I have to give credit where credit is due to the girl who took a selfie before hopping inside. That’s a brilliant strategy — you get to brag to all of your friends, and on the off chance the driver happens to be a homicidal maniac, at least the police will know what he looks like.

Guy Proves You Don’t Need To Say A Word To Pick Up Girls In A Lamborghini (Video)

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20 Problems Only People From Warrington Will Understand

Telegraph Media Group
Telegraph Media Group

“What is there between Manchester and Liverpool? Warrington. And let’s be honest before the Swedes built a shop, we didn’t even know it was there.” – John Bishop

Let’s get something straight off the bat: Warrington’s got some stiff sh*t. You step off at central station and wonder if you’ve walked into the remnants of World War II that were never cleaned up. Yes half of the shops are shut down. Yes Bridge Street’s a dump. Yes our “cultural quarter” consists of one small bit of grass, about two bars and the Parr Hall/Pyramid but it isn’t all bad.

The rest of Britain thinks that Warrington is a place where every second woman is an advertisement for Sunny D, and almost exclusively a hairdresser. The men that aren’t failed rugby trialists are criminals. They think that we’re your typical, binge-drinking, undesirable slob of a town where the shots double up for a quid and the sky is almost exclusively grey.

OK. So there is that.

But there’s also something much, much more.

We, us, the Warringtonians, the people, the lovers and the haters, the Wolves and the Wire. We are what they’re not. We are honest with each other and honest with ourselves. This town of ours might have its rotten holes. It might have some truly awful bars and even worse weed.

But what it also has are people. Good people. People who’ll bat for each other and who’ll take a bat to those that don’t. You think you can hook up with the Wire? You’d better read on then. This is Warrington.

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19 Things Only Helplessly Messy People Understand

Parks and Recreation 1. “Cleaning your room” is not a brief, quick thing you do before you leave the house to run errands. It’s not something you decide to do on a whim, or something you ever randomly get the urge to do. Rather, it takes planning. Dedication. Hours of your time. Sweat. A lack of fear about dust bunnies.  2. You’re not like other people, who clean their room whenever they “feel like it.” You avoid cleaning your room like the plague. You leave your clothes everywhere and your bed unmade and papers all over your desk, without thinking twice about it. 3. And when you finally do clean your room, it’s somehow messy again in less than 24 hours. It actually feels like you left the room and then came back and someone else destroyed it, or that you messed it up in your sleep. Because there’s no way that this disaster happened right in front of your eyes, without you even noticing what you were doing. 4. The vision of clutter and messiness and clothes all over the floor has become so natural to you that you almost feel more nervous when your space is clean. You’re so used to walking into a wave of chaos, that when you don’t walk into it, you’re temporarily shocked each time. 5. Your messiness is not stationary. It travels with you wherever you go – hotels, your parents’ house, your significant other’s place.  Within five minutes, you’ve ruined whatever peace and serenity was there previously. 6. …It’s like you’re the personification of the Tazmanian devil. 7. Your idea of “straightening up” is picking up all of your clothes and laying them on your bed or your desk chair. Basically, you just move piles of mess from one area of your room to another and consider that your version of “cleaning.” 8. Usually, when you do laundry, everything spends a couple days in the basket after it’s all been washed and you just keep picking clothes out of it until you finally, finally force yourself to put things away. 9. …and putting things away takes at least two hours, because in order to bribe yourself to clean, you allow yourself to have a Netflix marathon on in the background. Which results in you stopping every five seconds to watch at least ten minutes of your show before you get up and start cleaning again. 10. You don’t understand how some people need to clean in order to feel relaxed and calm. All you need is a great movie. Or some wine. Or some Xanax. Or a good book. Basically, anything that involves sitting. 11. If your place is even mildly habitable when your friends come over, they usually say something like “Wow, this place is looking good!” Even if, compared to most other people’s places, it’s a complete clusterfuck. 12. Your messiness does not limit itself to places or locations. It also exists in pretty much any workbag or purse or coat pocket that you own. It is not uncommon for you to reach into one of these things and find a receipt from eleven months ago. 13. If you have roommates who are particular about how clean you guys keep your place, your version of being a good roommate is basically trying to avoid the public areas at all costs and contain all of your mess to your room, if possible. 14. When said roommates go away for the weekend, the place falls into complete shambles and you spend the two hours before they get home running frantically around your apartment or house, trying to make it look like nothing happened at all. 15. You never think to do the type of cleaning that other people think to do, like Swiffering under the couch or wiping out the drawers in the refrigerator. If everything that you can visibly see looks okay, you pretty much forget about everything else. 16. Whenever you decide to have a major purge day, in which you attempt to organize your room and try to get rid of clutter, you end up just making more of a mess, because usually you come across something that you haven’t seen in a while or something that distracts you. The next thing you know, you’ve spent two hours looking through a box of old pictures and now you’re too tired to keep de-cluttering. 17. If you had it your way, “spring cleaning” would just mean that you wipe down the counter with some 409 and call it a day. 18. Some people try to tell you that your car is too messy. You prefer to think that you’re just fully prepared for any situation. Need something to spit your gum into? Here’s this old receipt. Thirsty? There’s a water bottle in the backseat that’s been waiting to be finished for about three weeks.   19. You meant to start cleaning your room twenty minutes ago, but you accidentally opened your computer and pulled up fifteen different tabs with posts and articles that you want to read instead. Oops. Read this: 19 Things Only Chronically Late People Understand Read this: 27 Things You Can Say To That Nosy Person Who Keeps Asking Why You’re Still Single Read this: 15 Awesome Things About Not Knowing What You Want To Do With Your Life
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15 Things Only People From Bedford Will Understand


What springs to mind when you think of Bedford? Getting a Wimpy at Aspects Leisure Park? Exploring The Cecil Higgins Museum? Enjoying a 99 ice cream (when they still cost 99p) down at the Embankment? Or perhaps nothing at all?

Bedford is the county town of Bedfordshire, and it’s known for being the birthplace to comedian Ronnie Barker, television personality Carol Vorederman, and Olympic gold medallist Tim Foster. Oh, and apparently we ‘do a thing’ called a Bedford Clanger, which is a suet crust-dumpling with a savoury filling at one end and a sweet filling at the other – kind of like an old school pastry version of Willy Wonka’s Three Course Dinner Chewing Gum.

Bedford might not be big, and it might not be paradise – but for many of us (157,479 to be exact), it’s home. And just because you don’t know the actual name of The Dinky Doughnut Lady who mans her doughnut trailer in the town centre with the maternal-like protectiveness of a tiger doesn’t make this familiar town any less appealing to all those who dwell here.

To those of you who have never experienced the exciting threat of the River Ouse flooding, or known the true horror of shopping at Riverfield Drive Tesco on a Saturday morning, or spent most of your early teenage years begging your mum to take you to Kempston Retail Park because the shops in town just don’t have anything: you’ll never understand.

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14 Things Only Neat Messy People Understand

1. You like a little bit of clutter, because it makes your place look lived in, rather than like a hospital waiting room, where everything is sanitized and you kind of want to cry all the time. 2. You secretly despise it when a roommate describes your living space as “dirty.” It’s not dirty; it’s cluttered aka a bunch of clean stuff piled on top of other clean stuff. 3. Unlike what your mom might say when she visits, you do in fact know where everything is, just instead of always keeping your keys on a peg by the door, you keep them on the coffee table under your Entertainment Weekly. 4. You actually really enjoy cleaning; you just like doing it once a month for an entire weekend. 5. Whenever you do laundry, you will promptly fold everything, then stick the folded stacks on your desk chair, where you will grab clothes as needed until it’s laundry day again. 6. You’re seriously okay if a guest spills something on your rug, because you understand that accidents happen, and you’ve spilled on that rug enough times that you’re an expert at removing stains from it. 7. Finding roommates can be a serious challenge. If they’re too clean, they won’t be able to handle your free-spirited it’s-okay-to-wear-shoes-inside lifestyle, but if they’re too messy, you’re going to turn into the strict trash-needs-to-be-taken-out-promptly roommate, and you’re not okay with either of these. Neat messy people must live with other neat messy people. 8. You’re always finding random socks when you least expect it. It’s a fun game you like to call, “How’d That Get There?” 9. Cleaning schedules are your nemesis. You’ll clean everything, just on your own time, okay? 10. You have multiple drawers full of “miscellaneous” stuff, which houses all of that stuff that you don’t really know where to put, but also don’t want littering your apartment. It’s kind of like when iTunes lists a song with a lot of singers as “Various Artists.” It’s all necessary, but not similar enough to have one easy label. 11. When someone’s coming to your apartment unexpectedly, it doesn’t take long to clean up. Clothes are picked up and magazines are straightened. Given fifteen minutes, you can make your apartment presentable. 12. While you never actually make your bed, you do like to smooth out the blankets until they’re mostly flat. 13. Whenever you deep clean your apartment, you feel a calming sense of accomplishment, but only feel complete once a jacket’s hung across a chair or some books are strewn artfully across a table. 14. Your car holds an identical ratio of clutter to clean as your apartment. There are a few sweaters, an umbrella you haven’t needed for two months, maybe a few magazines you forgot about. You like your car to feel like home. Read this: 15 Struggles Only People Who Are Painfully Uncoordinated Understand Read this: 23 Times Nick Miller Completely Understands Life As A Twenty-Something Read this: 13 Indisputable Stages Of Getting Beer Drunk
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20 Problems Only Left Handed People Will Understand

Left Handed Food Problems

Left handed people have had a difficult time throughout history. Go back far enough and it seems that they were to blame for practically everything, with left-handedness seen as a mark of the devil, the sign of neurosis or an indication that a person was pondering rebellion or criminal activities.

While today such a stigma isn’t attached to left-handedness in the same way as it once was (most people have probably gotten over the notion of the devil being left handed, for one thing), lefties – as they are sometimes known – still sit apart in many respects from their right handed counterparts. While lefties only make up approximately 10% of the population, it’s widely known, for instance, that they’re often smarter, with tests proving that on average lefties possess a higher IQ than righties.

Still, while there’s evidence to suggest that lefties are also more creative than righties it isn’t all positive, and there are plenty of things in life that are considerably more difficult for them to deal with, not least on account of the fact that we live in a right handed dominant world. Righties aren’t exactly renowned for going out of their way to make things easier for lefties, and the daily life of a left handed person can be fraught with difficulties.

Here are 20 of the many problems that only left handed people will understand.

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10 Problems Only People From Gondor Will Understand

New Line Cinema
New Line Cinema

Gondor is the greatest realm of men in all of Middle Earth. Home to stories of heroics and legend that would make King Arthur look like C3PO by comparison, it is rightly revered in both JRR Tolkien and Peter Jackson���s Lord Of The Rings trilogies. It is the key kingdom of the entire story – basically the Kings Landing of Middle Earth. Battles are fought here, tides of war are turned here and��even the title of the last film is named after its king.

Scene of the awesome climactic battle in��The Return Of The King, host to one of the most epic speeches of the entire LOTR universe, not to mention the hard hitting sibling drama of the Gondor princes Boromir and Faramir, Gondor is up there with the very greatest kingdoms ever committed to celluloid or page.

But what would it really be like to live in that great realm, aside from bragging rights that you might have bumped into Faramir in the local? Is life in Gondor as majestic as it seems for your average Joe-amir? Herein lie 10 huge problems only normal people from Gondor will understand.

10. Everyone Secretly Hates You

I Hate You Gif

Gondor is basically the Manchester United of Middle Earth. Everyone thinks you���re the greatest, but they all also think you are a glory supporting oik.

You���re expected to win at everything so when you don���t everyone probably loves it.

If The Shire was constantly being raided by orcs the whole Middle Earth would be up in arms, but just because you are a peasant living in the mighty realm of Gondor, you get nothing.

Come to think of it, the hatred isn’t��even that much of a secret.

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15 Struggles Only People Who Are Painfully Uncoordinated Understand

YouTube, Fritz The Uncoordinated Dog 1. You’re counting the days until the Zumba craze finally subsides, because honestly, are they trying to kill you. 2. People think you’re really good at dancing horribly on purpose, but you know that that dancing is just you trying your best. 3. Dance crazes like Gangnam Style or the Soulja Boy were your own personal hell because you couldn’t stand in the back and fake it without everyone noticing that you have no idea what you’re doing. 4. People are always trying to give you tips on how to dance, and you need to figure out a polite way to say, “You effort is honorable, but literally a waste of time.” 5. The Dance Dance Revolution phase that all of your friends went through meant that you “had a cold and couldn’t hang out” for a solid two years. 6. Sometimes you dance alone in your apartment, and start building up your confidence that you’re actually not as bad as you thought! And then you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror, and sit in shame for an hour. New Girl 7. Dancing in general = impossible. Dancing in heels = LOLOLOLOLOL NO. 8. School dances were giant cesspools of anxiety. Oh god, don’t ask me to dance. I don’t even know what’s happening. Why is everyone dancing like that? I think I’ll hide behind the bleachers for the remaining three hours… 9. Weddings = adult equivalent of a school dance. You better be good at small talk, so you can avoid the dance floor by chatting up the bride’s grandmother. 10. You’ve been dreading your own wedding since the day you learned to walk, because not only will you have to dance, but everyone will be watching you. Maybe instead of a dance floor, you’ll hire a travelling theater troupe to perform A Midsummer’s Night Dream during your entire reception. 11. Whenever you watch the Footloose montage where Ren teaches Willard how to dance, you laugh at how completely false all of that noise is. 12. You constantly have to try and make the robot and scuba diver dances look cool, so that people think you’re doing them to be funny, and not because you just can’t do anything else. Baby Mama 13. You trip over nothing so often that people are starting to think that you’re just trying to be quirky. 14. Whenever you go out to a club with your friends, you must have easy access to alcohol at all times, or else you’re going to be that one person swaying awkwardly back and forth for an hour. 15. Whenever people invite you to join their sports team (basketball, soccer, pretty much anything that requires any type of coordination), you have to go to great lengths to convince them that really, they don’t want you on their team. They would be better off with a blind, peg-legged monkey on their team. Read this: 23 Thoughts Shy People Have While Everyone Else Is Talking Read this: 23 Times Nick Miller Completely Understands Life As A Twenty-Something Read this: 12 Movie Sex Scenes Even More Awkward Than Your First Time
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22 Problems Only People From Gateshead Will Understand


If the North East was a wedding, Newcastle would be the bride, Sunderland would be the slightly smelly cousin and Middlesbrough the uninvited guest who doesn’t realise they’re supposed to be somewhere else. The perception of Gateshead meanwhile, is probably of a bridesmaid destined never to be the main attraction.

But Gateshead is a lot more than a suburb of Newcastle, forgotten in the bigger city’s shadow, It’s an artistic hub, a surprising foodie haven and it was once home to the largest indoor fairground in the world. Yeah, take that Southerners.

Whether it’s your home town or where you live for University (much cheaper rent than over the river), Gateshead will have inspired some unique problems and points of pride for you. It’s an area as steeped in local traditions as Newcastle, but without anything as glamorous as the “Geordie” label, and to everyone who lives there, it’s a very special – and occasionally bloody odd – place.


22. Missing The Plane In Saltwell Park

All major calendar events centre on the biggest park in Gateshead: it might as well be the centre of the universe.

It’s the first place you encountered a duck, or were terrified by a swan; it’s probably where you had the most ice cream in your early years; and you definitely heard the story about the tragic fools who attempted to make it to the island in the lake only to drown and haunt the place. Despite the water being about two foot deep.

Mostly though, you just wish the aeroplane was still there, despite it being broken up for scrap in 1993.

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14 Struggles Only People Who Hate Making Decisions Understand

Can you just decide for me?

Getting dressed in the morning is always a bit stressful because each article of clothing is an option, making for WHO KNOWS how many possible wardrobe combinations.

Getting dressed in the morning is always a bit stressful because each article of clothing is an option, making for WHO KNOWS how many possible wardrobe combinations.

Logan Rhoades / BuzzFeed / Via Paramount Pictures

Every single meal is basically a chore because you never know what to make...

Every single meal is basically a chore because you never know what to make...


Or where to order.

Or where to order.


And when you finally do make a decision on where to eat, you still have to pick what to eat, which is just as overwhelming.

And when you finally do make a decision on where to eat, you still have to pick what to eat, which is just as overwhelming.

20th Television / Via

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Mariah Carey And ‘Horrible Bosses’ Director Brett Ratner Were Just Spotted Canoodling On A Boat

Mariah Carey and Brett Ratner go way back — at least in a professional sense. The Horrible Bosses director was behind some of the pop singer’s most popular videos, including “We Belong Together“, “I Still Believe“, and “Heartbreaker“. However, it appears they’ve recently become more than just colleagues — a change no doubt facilitated by Carey and Nick Cannon’s split last year.

Despite publicly denying a relationship just days ago, a new photo of the two canoodling on a boat in St. Barts pretty much spells things out:

Mariah Carey Brett Ratner on The LOVE BOAT!!! (PHOTO)

— TMZ (@TMZ) March 29, 2015

Yes, Ratner looks like he just escaped a season of Survivor and is knee-deep in some kind of love-struck stupor (or drunk — same thing). But they are together. Messily together. Weirdly together. To-ge-ther. Per TMZ:

This pic was taken Saturday on a yacht in St. Barts. Sources — let’s just say close to the boat — say they’re all over each other. She’s totally into him and he is nuts for her.

Ratner recently said he and Mariah were just really good friends, calling rumors of romance “ridiculous.” Well now that’s just ridiculous, because they’re in full romance mode. We’re told she’s over Nick and moved on.

Here’s to hoping they’re at least having a good time, paparazzi notwithstanding.

[Via TMZ]

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Watch LeBron James Throw Down Back-to-Back Monster Dunks Against The Sixers

These are difficult days for the 18-55 Philadelphia 76ers, not that they’re particularly interested in winning basketball games, nor would it be in their best interest to do so. Nonetheless, summer vacation – more specifically, the NBA Draft Lottery – can’t come soon enough.

The only problem is that it’s still March, and there’s still a handful of basketball games left that they are required to play. One of those games came today against LeBron James and the surging Cleveland Cavaliers who have won eight out of their last 10.

LeBron asserted his dominance early with a pair of monster two-handed dunks on consecutive possessions against Philadelphia’s defense. On the first one, he just bullies right past a hapless Jerami Grant in the post and then follows that up by driving right into a wide open lane for the easy uncontested jam.

The Cavs are up 53-45 at halftime. LeBron leads the way with 11 points and four assists.

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Check Out This Farmer’s Sheep Wrangling Drone Named Shep, The Sheepdog Of The Future

Drones haven’t really been man’s or animal’s best friend. We’ve seen those flying gadgets invade people’s privacy, nearly slice a person’s face off, and duke it out with kangaroos and hawks. Are these things really doomed give folks havoc? Apparently not in Ireland. Over in the land of the four-leaf clover lives Shep the Drone, a magical mechanical sheepdog.

(Via YouTube)

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70 women, including 9 schoolgirls, left Germany to join ISIS – report

Reuters / Social media via Reuters TV

According to Hans-Georg Maassen, 40 percent of those women are under the age of 25, Zeit Online reported.

While the recruitment of young girls and women by the Islamic State is not a rare phenomenon, Maassen warned that jihadists have lately focused on luring females to join the 'caliphate' via social networks.

Jihadists blog on the internet and are active on forums, where they look for women showing an interest in jihad, BFV’s president said. Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) militants then contact the girls and women to inspire them to marry jihadists.

Maassen says they write blogs with “romantic descriptions” of life in extremist camps, and the females have no idea about the future they are actually agreeing to. Most often, those who travel to be with jihadists are completely isolated, their passport and phones taken away.

According to Islamic scholar Marwan Abou-Taam, who works for the Rhineland-Palatinate state police in Germany, women attracted by such scenarios have psychological problems or feelings of social exclusion, Zeit Online reported. They often come from extremely poor families and have low levels of education.

Meanwhile, the expert says there are still a few young women among them with higher levels of education, adding that ISIS may consider giving them “management” roles.

READ MORE: ISIS has recruited 400 children in Syria since January - report

Security services currently have no information on whether European women are intended to be used by the jihadists as suicide terrorists, but say they cannot exclude the possibility.

The German Domestic Intelligence Service says the overall number of those who have left the country to fight in Syria and Iraq on the side of the jihadists is around 650 people.

Earlier in March, German Interior Minister Thomas de Mazière said around 200 of them had returned home. Actions have already been taken against some of the returnees, while others remain under strict surveillance.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights earlier this month reported that ISIS has intensified the recruitment of children and teenagers this year, since facing difficulties in attracting adults into their troops. At least 400 children from Syria alone were recruited by ISIS over the past three months.

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Tamil Nadu Engineer Suicide: Family denies ‘govt offers’, leaves hometown

Agriculture Minister S S Krishnamoorthy, S Muthukumarasamy, Tamil Nadu, india news, tamil nadu news, indian express It has been alleged that the official was facing suspension after he refused to obey certain orders from the minister’s office.

The family of Tamil Nadu agriculture department engineer Muthukumarasamy, who committed suicide on February 20, allegedly under political pressure from a minister’s office, vacated their Tirunelveli house Friday night. Sources close to the family said they were forced to do so after the AIADMK district leadership began pressuring them to withdraw the cases and accept ‘government benefits’.

ALSO READ: Tamil Nadu minister sacked for ‘driving’ official to suicide

Sethuram, the 22-year-old younger son of Muthukumaraswamy, said: “A chief engineer in the agriculture department approached us saying that the government is ready to offer us a job in Electronic Corporation of Tamil Nadu. They asked us to give a request letter. But we denied that offer. After all this, why should I accept a job in the same government,” he said.

Sethuram added that he is in the dark about the status of investigation.

“There is no news from CB-CID or any other government agency. Unfortunately, a section of media had carried false reports linking my father with a property deal. They should have verified facts before running a baseless campaign. Is it a crime for a government employee to purchase land worth Rs 13 lakh before his retirement? We have papers of an LIC loan and of the land purchase for which he was paying EMI of Rs 13,000,” he said. Sethuram admitted the reports that the state Chief Secretary K Gnanadesikan was related to his mothers’ family. “But he has not contacted us,” he said. Sethuram did not comment on the reports of pressure from AIADMK leaders.

Meanwhile, PMK leader S Ramadoss demanded that the state government transfer the case to CBI and accused the government of trying to protect the real culprits and misleading public by planting foolish stories.

A P C V Shanmugam, a Congress leader and a close relative of Muthukumarasamy’s wife Saraswathi, said the AIADMK district leadership has been pressing the family. “They have kept up pressure to sign some papers agreeing to withdraw the complaint and accept some benefits,” he said, adding that unless there is a CBI probe, real culprits will not be arrested.

AIADMK chief J Jayalalithaa had sacked minister S S Krishnamurthy from the agriculture portfolio after a state intelligence report found prima facie evidences against him and the alleged role of his office in the suicide of the engineer. The minister’s office allegedly demanded Rs 14 lakh from Muthukumaraswamy, who was the appointment authority of seven temporary driver posts. It was rumoured that the Minister’s office demanded Rs 2 lakh for each contract post.

“We had given a preliminary report of his suicide much before TNCC president E V K S Elangovan raised the issue. The government and AIADMK leadership were properly briefed about evidences against Krishnamurthy. But it was the pressure from media and Opposition that forced AIADMK to drop Krishnamurthy from the government. Unless there is a CBI probe, the CB-CID under the state government will not be able to interrogate or arrest the minister and his secretaries,” said a senior police officer.

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‘Mukhyamantri ka saala’ is a story of growth in Chhattisgarh

Raman Singh, Sanjay Singh, Chhattisgarh government, Chhattisgarh Raman Singh, Chhattisgarh news, Raman Singh brother in law, india news, nation news Sanjay Singh denies allegations of having obtained undue benefits.

In the official files of the Chhattisgarh government, Sanjay Singh is occasionally referred to as “Mukhyamantri ka saala (the Chief Minister’s brother-in-law)”. In at least one file, an officer has described his acts as “Mukhyamantri ke saale Sanjay Singh ka naya kaarnama”.

On the floor of the Assembly, Sanjay Singh is at the centre of many barbs that are directed at Raman Singh. In the corridors of the Chhattisgarh Tourism Department, stories of his rising fortunes abound.

In his 50s, Sanjay Singh is a distant cousin of Raman Singh’s wife Veena — linked through a common aunt. But in the 11 years of Raman Singh’s government, that has been close enough.


When Raman took over in December 2003, Sanjay Singh was a Class III employee with the Tourism Department. Then, within years, he got two promotions — as deputy general manager, and then general manager, both of which were subsequently held illegal. He has been deputed as Transport joint commissioner, been indicted in more than one corruption case, and faces probe on other charges.

Recently, Pradesh Congress chief Bhupesh Baghel had the House in splits when he described Sanjay Singh as a symbol of the arbitrary benefits accorded to relatives of Raman Singh: “Joru ka bhai ek taraf, sari khudai ek taraf (What’s the universe compared to the brother of your wife?).”

Another Congress MLA, Kawasi Lakhma, advised Raman, “Ek kahaavat hai — gaaon mein laala, khet mein naala aur ghar mein saala paalna theek nahin (There is a saying — it’s not good to nurture a trader in the village, a drain on farmland, and a brother-in-law at home).”

Sanjay Singh denies allegations of having obtained undue benefits. But the Chief Minister himself addresses the accusations differently.
Asked why Sanjay Singh continued to obtain illegal benefits from the government, Raman Singh’s office told The Indian Express in a statement, “The Chief Minister’s office completely distances itself from Sanjay Singh. If he has done anything wrong, appropriate action will be taken against him by his department.”

Former Tourism deputy general manager M G Srivastava, who led a probe against Sanjay Singh, is categorical: “He (Sanjay) obtained all benefits fraudulently by virtue of being a relative of the CM.” Srivastava retired as DGM while Sanjay Singh raced to GM despite being far junior.

Dizzying career graph: Class III employee Sanjay was made Tourism DGM in 2005, less than two years after Raman took over as CM. In three years, he was GM, a post reserved for Scheduled Tribes. He also entered a higher payscale in 2005. After employees complained, the revision of his pay was declared illegal, and orders were issued to recover the incremental salary from him. This was in 2008; Sanjay is yet to pay.

After a long probe, in 2013, the department also cancelled the promotion as GM, saying it was “illegal”, “made in back date, violated rules and was intended to favour a particular individual”. Sanjay went to the High Court and obtained a stay on the cancellation.

Later, in November 2013, the Tourism Secretary rejected the DGM promotion as well, noting that “there is no provision of direct promotion to Class I from Class III”.

Says a senior Tourism officer, “This is probably the only instance when a Class III employee became a GM in three years.”

Despite his entire career growth having been deemed illegal, Sanjay, who still holds the post of GM, says, “It is the government’s prerogative to promote an employee.”

There were other alleged irregularities. In 2009, the Transport Minister issued an order signed by Raman Singh to appoint Sanjay Singh as joint commissioner, Transport. Despite the fact that Sanjay was facing inquiries in financial matters, the deputation was confirmed without the approval of the Tourism Department.

Senior officers were unhappy, and on February 16, 2010, the Chhattisgarh Paryatan Mandal MD while issuing the transfer order, added that “the Transport Department has obtained services of Sanjay Singh without departmental permission, he can be brought back to the parent department only after the approval of the Tourism Department”.

The MD also put a strict caveat, that “Sanjay Singh will be forced to cooperate with departmental inquiries or any other action against him” regarding “financial irregularities” and “pending payments”.

Financial irregularities: In 2008, the Tourism Department initiated a preliminary inquiry following a CAG report over financial irregularities of Rs 6.37 crore in Sanjay’s division. In May 2009, the Chhattisgarh Paryatan Mandal MD issued him a showcause notice following the “order of Tourism Secretary”.

It pointed out that the inquiry had found “extremely objectionable lapses”. “Gift items and mementos such as paintings, handicrafts etc were also purchased in large quantities. Receipts and issues were not recorded.”

The MD noted, “You often printed promotional material, claimed that they were sent to various institutions and offices, but in a physical verification, the publication-promotional material worth Rs 6.37 crore was not found in store houses under your control.

“Considering this, why don’t we recover this amount from your salary?” the MD said, asking Sanjay to “respond within seven days else the department will take one-sided action”.

After he failed to reply to the show-cause notice, the MD sent him a reminder on July 31, 2009. That too went unanswered. In December 2011, the Tourism Department sent a reminder to the MD on the status of the departmental proceedings. This was followed by letters in June 2013 and July 2014 by the Tourism Secretary to the MD, asking for an immediate status report.

Sanjay Singh claims he has “always” replied to these notices. “Still they send me (notices) regularly. What can I do?” Department officers, however, insist that he has never replied to any notice.

Bribery charges: In October 2012, an employee at the Kanker transport office wrote a letter to K D P Rao, who then headed the Tourism Department, about the illegal activities of “Mukhyamantri ka saala Sanjay Singh”. The letter gave details of instances when Sanjay Singh was posted in the Transport Department, and allegedly “took money in the name of CM House”. It alleged that Sanjay was running a racket, manipulating transfers, and causing financial losses to the government.

In April 2013, the office of then tourism secretary wrote a letter to the Transport Commissioner — with the subject “Mukhyamantri ke saale Sanjay Singh ka naya kaarnama” — and asked him to conduct a probe and submit a report immediately. The report is yet to be submitted.

“This complaint was made with mala fide intentions. I committed no wrong,” Sanjay Singh says.

Foreign trips: Sanjay Singh is accused of travelling abroad on government expense without obtaining mandatory approvals. He was issued a show-cause notice in February 2006, and the department found his reply “unsatisfactory”. In April 2006, the General Administration Department issued him a “strict warning” that he should not travel abroad without permission in future.

In June 2013, the MD of Chhattisgarh Paryatan Mandal wrote to him saying he had made several foreign trips without permission, and was hence required to deposit Rs 18.72 lakh. A recovery order was also issued, but Sanjay is yet to pay.

“I went abroad with the Tourism Board,” Sanjay says. “It was their responsibility to take permission for foreign travel. If they did not take permission, how can I be held responsible?” The department rejects this argument.

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A Last-Minute Injury May Have Just Hurt One Of WrestleMania’s Biggest Matches

Bray Wyatt Undertaker coffin


What at first sounded like Twitter conjecture is now being reported by sites like PWInsider — Bray Wyatt has suffered an ankle injury, and it could compromise tonight’s marquee WrestleMania 31 match against The Undertaker:

An hour or so ago, Bray Wyatt was working out in the ring when it appeared he sprained his ankle. He was taken by cart to the back of the stadium. If he is limping during his match tonight with The Undertaker, you will know.

We’ll try not to overstate this, but that “he was taken by a cart to the back of the stadium” sounds pretty severe. Even if it’s a minor sprain, the timing couldn’t be worse. Not only is tonight a WrestleMania match with the Undertaker, but it’s the culmination of a two-month storyline Wyatt has mostly shouldered by himself. Undertaker has been off television since last year’s Mania, and now months of flaming coffins, burning rocking chairs and thunderous sound effects could all be for nothing.

We’ll provide updates when we have them. Or we’ll just shrug and say, “oh, never mind — thanks internet” if Wyatt shows up to the match. Or we’ll play a fun game of trying to figure out how many pain killers he’s taken to get through it.

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Riders Say Dog Viciously Attacked Horses In Trabuco Canyon

TRABUCO CANYON ( — Three women are trying to track down the owner of a dog that attacked their Icelandic horses during a ride Friday in O’Neill Regional Park, a popular hiking spot nestled in Trabuco Canyon.

Rider Sandie Weaver tells CBS2/KCAL9’s Laurie Perez that at around noon a large dog was running off leash when it came up and started biting the horses’ legs. She thinks it was a boxer-pitbull mix and weighed around 95 pounds.

She says the attack was unprovoked and went on for at least three minutes, with the riders trying to beat the dog off with crops while it bit the horses on the legs and neck.

Weaver says her horse, “Aska,” tried to fend off the dog as best it could but eventually whipped around to run up the hill, and she was thrown to the ground dangerously close to a cliff.

Her friend Helga Thordarson, of Trabuco Canyon, was atop her horse, “Tyr,” who was able to put a stop to the attack when it kicked the dog in the mouth. The horse suffered cuts to its legs.

The attack has left Weaver, who was fortunately wearing a helmet, badly bruised and with a possibly fractured wrist, she says.

The horses were treated by a veterinarian, who says during attacks like these it’s important to locate the dog and check for rabies.

The women say they found the dog’s owner on the trail but she gave them a fake phone number and no apology.

They’ve reported the incident and ask anyone with information about the dog’s owner to contact O’Neill Park Rangers.




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Why No One Is Happy With Obama’s Emerging Iran Deal…Besides Maybe Iran

Obama’s Secretary of State, John Kerry, has been heading the negotiations with Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif (to Kerry’s left) credit Flickr – State Department The emerging nuclear deal with Iran will reportedly do a number of things to curb their nuclear ambitions. For those unaware, it seems that it will come before the Tuesday deadline (meaning no extensions appear to be coming for the negotiations), and will include at least some of the following provisions: A possible provision allowing Iranian centrifuges to run at a fortified underground bunker. Limits Iran to 6,000 centrifuges, which would leave Iran taking about a year to get enough material for a nuclear weapon if it chose to pursue one. A provision leaving these restrictions in place for ten years or so. More than that, of course, will be the forced inspections by the IAEA, and expected compliance with the agency. But as the negotiations come down to the wire, one thing is clear: not everyone is as happy with it as Obama’s administration. Indeed, the tension has spread throughout his own party, as well as other countries with a stake in the negotiations. It is for this reason that Obama will end up needing the deal. To emerge empty-handed would mean all of the fights mentioned below would have been for naught, and he’d look far too silly. As such, he’s stuck with less leverage than ever for an Iran deal, trying to scramble for one to save his own reputation as well as Iran’s, meaninghe needs the deal far more than Iran does. Here are the allies he’s managed to anger, and how, both at home and abroad… Israel has already made clear its displeasure with the deal, as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to Congress made clear. It said that no deal was better than a bad deal, and emphasized many points that Obama made himself made in 2008, saying that Iran had to “…abandon [its] dangerous nuclear program, support for terror, and threats to Israel…” if it wanted relief rather than strengthening of sanctions. Obama and Netanyahu have never gotten along, but Iran is a large point of the most recent frictions… Credit: White House/Pete Souza But Netanyahu isn’t the only one perturbed by the way these talks have progressed. Gulf countries near Iran have also clearly shown fear that Iran could usurp their position in the Middle East, or even gain a nuclear weapon. Dennis Ross claims Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah (who recently passed away) told him that Saudi Arabia would get a nuclear weapon if Iran did. It seems that Gulf commentators even sided with Netanyahu on the issue, with the editor-in-chief of Al Arabiya writing that Obama should “listen to Netanyahu on Iran”. While other countries may not be the best places to look when trying to preserve U.S interests, there are indications that even Democrats are unhappy with the way the deal is playing out. It is expected that the deal will circumvent Congress, either by going to the United Nations Security Council (according to Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif) or by being concluded as a“nonbinding executive agreement”, which would be enforceable but not really subject to Congressional approval for a period that may last years. This move would go heavily against the GOP’s ideas of how diplomacy should be conducted, as the GOP argues it should have the right to vote on what it believes is, in the words of John McCain (R-AZ), “clearly a treaty”. But this isn’t a viewpoint only held by the GOP. In fact, all 100 Senators voted for a proposal that is non-binding, but states that Congress will punish Iran with sanctions if a deal is not made. While the teeth of the agreement have been pulled (a binding statement was once proposed), this was not the only indication of Congressional disapproval. The Senate Foreign Relations Committee has seen both the top Republican (Bob Corker, R-TN) and the top Democrat (Bob Menendez, D-NJ) propose legislation that Obama claims shouldn’t be discussed. In the meantime, it postponed a vote on a proposal that would require Obama to submit a deal to Congressional approval to only April 14, not long after the deal would be made if it came. Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ) has been one of the foremost opponents of the emerging Iran deal… Credit: Menendez Press Office / US Senate These new developments are a victory for Obama in taming Congress, but they have come at a heavy cost. Congress is more upset than usual with the President, and Democratic Senators like Bob Menendez, Heidi Heitkamp (D-ND), Richard Blumenthal (D-CT), Bill Nelson (D-FL), and Michael Bennet (D-CO) have come out in support of the bill adding sanctions on Iran if no deal is reached. Senators may be punishing Obama for leaving them in the dark, too. After all, the biggest part of the recent breaking story that Israel spied on the Iran negotiations is that it then took that intelligence to Congress. That’s right, Israel was the one informing Congress of the deal’s details: the briefings from the State Department evidently weren’t enough to leave Congress confident in Obama’s deal-making ability, leaving Israel an opening to give them more information that would change their opinions on the deal. Of course, with Israel claiming it got the information from France, which is taking the toughest line on the deal, one can only wonder if perhaps the reality is that Obama is trying to shoehorn everyone into agreeing with his deal. At this point, Obama must get a deal, and a reasonably good one, or he will look like a fool for all the effort he invested in it, as well as the hits he took over it. Whether or not he will remains to be seen, as is the definition of a “good deal”. We may not know if the deal is good for years to come, as we watch Iran’s nuclear ambitions play out. But one thing is clear: with all these negative reports, it seems not everyone is happy, and Obama needs a deal far, far more than Iran does. This post originally appeared at”>Conflicts & Resolutions.
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